Anatomy modeling

In Animation and Game design, 3d models are key in their development. Without them we would be watching box characters on a screen of white. With all 3d works it takes a fair amount of work to make a model that deforms the best.

To make models that deform properly the modeler needs to ensure that the models edge loops are properly positioned/placed. And the knowledge to place these edge loops comes from an understanding of anatomy for the artist. Meaning you need to know about bone and muscle structure. Without this basic knowledge an addicting game or animated movies would not seem believable.


Most people will ask (I know I did) why should an artist know anatomy? Why should they bother because cartoons and aliens don’t share our anatomy? Well you are wrong. We know that things must work a certain way if they are similar to us. And Cartoon characters have a predetermined skeletal structure so the animators know where they bend and how they should move. So a knowledge of how they work and where the muscles are important even in the beginning stages of development. Without this knowledge you can have a pretty model but it can’t open its mouth or its forearms are too long for its body, or too short.


Think of your favorite Mario Game. If that wasn’t built with a basic understanding of anatomy then Mario wouldn’t move right and the game would not be as good. And let’s not forget Pixar and their animated films. Without their knowledge of animation and anatomy their movies wouldn’t be as good.


My advice to any artist or wanna be modeler is to pick up an anatomy book and start learning and start drawing. And the only way to get better at art is to draw, sketch, and improve. There are times when you will be bad at it. But you will get better.